Diaphanous Melodrama

Anger is an old familiar friend that visits me when I'm feeling distraught. Moments ago He knocked on the door to my bedroom holding two gifts for me.

One of the gifts had a little card on it that read: "Zeal". The other: "Empowerment".

I accepted them, commented briefly on His sense of style, looked Him in His non-discriminating eyes, nodded, and slammed the door loud enough so that the counterfeit occupants in my vacant house could hear my provocations.

One of the sealed packages came tied together with a cute little red ribbon made from a diaphanous passion material, the other with a bow made of boundless blue self-introspection. It's nice to receive unexpected presents every now and then–it makes one feel noticed, like they actually matter.

I walked over to one side of my bedroom and set the unopened boxes in my underwear drawer. I had a hot date with Procrastination, and had to get ready soon.