The Girl With the Nest-Neck

Monday through Friday, between 2 pm and 6:30 pm, the Nest-Necked Girl would station herself at the intersection of the 605 South, Slauson freeway exit, holding a sign that read: "Please Help. Need Money for Eggs."

I would look through my living room window from time to time and watch the cars drive right past her, never stopping to lend a helping hand.

I admired her courage and grit. Rain or shine there she was, like a bird-shit-on statue that people disregarded in their daily lives–eggless, but never beaten.

And then one day she wasn't there.

And then the next day she wasn't there.

And the next.

I haven't seen the nest-necked girl in over 7 years, but I still expect to see her there at her corner every time I look out my window, enshrouded with an aristocratic air that only people who've suffered the horrors of life possess.