A Kiss of Ill Omen

While devouring her lips, the faint toxicity of selenium in her saliva forecasted My impending doom. That foreboding suspicion deluged into a general malaise, which then contorted into paralysis and a temporary deadness in my jaw.

As her venomous secretions assimilated into the bloodstream and monopolized My body's responses, I perceived My face instill a horrific catatonia. Streams of vile calamity ran over the edges of My unresponsive mouth like the heinous bloodbaths of some primitive barbaric society.

I felt the cascading pools of saliva settle on My inner thigh, adjacent to My left sack. The wetness malevolently seeped into My pores and entrenched itself under My flesh like an overzealous scabies infestation declaring holy war.

There I stood, unable to move, dripping. Mouth open, cock limp, and wet everywhere in-between.